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BMR Advisors Webinar on the Finer nuances of Transfer Pricing Budget 2017 Amendments - Secondary Adjustments
14th February 2017

One of the key amendment proposed by the Finance Bill, 2017 is introducing the concept of secondary adjustment by the insertion of Section 92CE to the Act. This has been widely debated in India and also used by the revenue authorities in the past to make transfer pricing adjustments in certain cases. However, in the absence of explicit statutory provisions in the Legislation, the courts have ruled in favour of the taxpayer. While Section 92CE lays down a statutory framework there are certain ambiguities around the proposed legislation, which require clarifications. BMR Advisors, organized a webinar to highlight the following:
  • Proposed statutory framework
  • Practical issues
  • Alternate approaches, practices in other jurisdictions
  • Way forward — clarifications required
We also touched upon the provisions proposed to limit the interest deduction in our webinar.

Click Here to access the recorded webinar.